How it works

Our ambition is to match serious, vetted property buyers with willing sellers.

Selling your property by auction is easy. Simply call us on 0800 044 8888 to register your property, we’ll ask you everything we need to know and conduct a desktop valuation – and discuss your timescales. We’ll also arrange for quality photography and floor plans to be drawn up – all to help your sale and get the best price. And all at no extra cost.

Get started

Sell your property in less than 30 days…

Each month we have a set date for most of our auctions to start, where buyers will have the time between listing and the time it ends to place their bids. They will be able to see the previous highest bid, then place their own higher bid – in a similar way to other online auctions sites like Ebay, but exclusively for properties.

A quicker option

But if you have specific timescales to work to, we can accommodate – rushing things through in a matter of days if you need an extra quick sale.

Sell without conditions

To put a property into auction we would ideally like all of the legal and paperwork done in advance – giving us the opportunity to sell your property ‘unconditionally’. This gives sellers and buyers the quickest route to completion – with the sale going through as soon as the auction is complete, providing the reserve has been met.

Sell with conditions

If you want to start your auction before you’ve had time to get everything in order, that’s fine too. We can hold a ‘conditional’ auction, which works the same way as a normal auction – but buyers commit to the sale providing certain conditions are met afterwards. These might include surveys and reports that weren’t completed prior to the property being listed.


Then, as soon as the online auction finishes, the highest bidder has exchanged contracts on your property – providing your reserve has been met.